Aware of the need for ensuring and improving our competitiveness to address supply-side constraints of a project more and more demanding, the loyalty and trust for our client's are essential conditions for the perennially of our Company. Therefore, LGC reinforces its commitment to locate the quality management system on all its activities according to the repository UNE-EN-ISO 9001 Version 2015.

our commitments to quality We demand that all our products, services and functions must meet the needs of our clients, although we also have the responsibility to continuously improve our work and good make at the first attempt.

LGC has put in place of the overall objectives that we keep coming back often achieved our adjustments and improvements continues:

Weave the lasting relationships and beneficial with partners and all parties sector stakeholders.
To ensure movement constant of the turnover.
To ensure the availability of products and production regular.
Implementation of the process of continuous improvement in all activities of LGC
A wiretap constant of the requirements and concerns of our clients.
Optimize our production by minimizing of products nonconforming.
Contribute to improve and automation constant of our System Maintenance.

By means of a system correct of training and information, the development and involvement of staff that work in the company, the realization and commitment to the objectives of LGC, is a fundamental objective of continuous improvement of effective system for quality management.

I urge us all to contribute effectively to the success of our quality measure through your engagement and your participation active.

From now, LGC makes a commitment to make every effort to have the certification ISO 9001. is also committed to ensure the sustainability of the quality system for the benefit of its client.